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So there I was, going through the manuscript yesterday and playing with passages, changing, editing, mucking about.  I do this, it’s part of my process.  I play and polish before I’m even done with the zero draft.

And then I was attacked by the tension/migraine monster.  It wasn’t quite a migraine, but almost.  Close enough for me to walk away from the computer, eat something, and make myself fall asleep on the couch for a few hours where I had uneasy dreams.

Not fun, man.

Raven got all whiny just before I quit yesterday — really, it reminded me of Erik during one of his pity parties.  And yes, he does have pity parties.  And I let Erik indulge in these from time to time, but really, I don’t like Raven having them.  So I’ll come at that scene from another angle.

We get to meet the dog we’re trying to adopt tonight!  His foster mom is bringing him over to have an in-home visit.  Looking very forward to that!

Seriously though, I’d much rather drop $100 for a dog that’s already up to date on his shots, pretty well socialized, housebroken, and neutered, than $200 for a puppy that’s not any of those things and doesn’t have papers and PROBABLY COMES FROM A PUPPY MILL.  Please, please support your local animal shelters and local animal rescue groups by adopting from these organizations.  Also, pets are not disposable.  Just saying.

I have dental paperwork I have to fill out for The Husband, and tomorrow morning he’s got his dental appointment, and then tomorrow evening The Boy has the Homecoming game.  IF he gets to play.  He’s been complaining of pain in his neck the last few days, and hasn’t practiced properly for two.

So I’m off to try to see what’s up with Raven and Mary now and see if I can pick up where I left off or go polish some more.  Be well, darlings.




Truant? O not me, sir….

I did some editing yesterday, no real work work, though I added some clarifications.

When I picked Princess up from school yesterday, she wasn’t feeling well.  I brought her home and took her temperature.  She had a fever.  She woke up with a slight one this morning, but it should be easily covered by ibuprofen.  I don’t want her making anyone else sick, but the state laws regarding keeping a child home from school tie my hands.  I’m not taking her to the doctor with a fever of 99.2.  Her throat’s not inflamed.  She seems fine other than saying her throat’s sore and her minuscule fever.  So I’m sending her to school.

I understand why the truancy laws are there.  But it really does go a little far.  I mean, take today.  She is ill.  End of summer cold, I think.  NOT the enterovirus, she has no trouble breathing.  But for me to keep her home to help get over it means I’m a day closer to being fined, or arrested.  Last year a lady was fined for her son missing nine days.  I can remember being out of school for a week twice a year for four years as a child, once in the fall and once in the spring, because I was so very susceptible to strep throat.  (Still am — about ten years ago I had it so bad I ended up getting VICODEN for the pain, because yes, it was THAT.  DAMN.  BAD.)

Truancy is a problem, but is the answer really to make us as parents choose between sending a slightly sick child to school or jail time?  How about mandatory parenting classes or something instead?  How about letting us take our child to the office and having a school nurse examine them and approve the absence instead of having to take them to the doctor for mild ailments that will be fine with some rest and fluids?


Not much to say for now

Though since when has that stopped me?

Little Princess looks overtired this morning.  Complaining of a sore throat.  She did that yesterday as well, but her throat is neither swollen or inflamed, so she’s going to school.

Shopping today.  Hopefully get the computer account mixup with my mortgage company straightened out, make appointments with various people.

Word Count update later, once I actually have some.

…..And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…..tomorrow

Swear to Christ.

Because right now, man, I am –

Okay.  The inlaws are great, I love them dearly.  They bought me a new desk even though I tried to detour to the shed we need — I needed a new desk, too, but I see that as a personal thing, whereas The Husband says it’s actually a house thing, because it’s for my work, which contributes to the household.

Okay, great.  I got a new desk which is leaning against the wall and will stay there until next Friday afternoon/evening, when The Husband and I put it together.  Always fun to watch us put together furniture, folks.  Comedy of fucking errors for sure.

I saw a lovely oh my god lovely i want them so much set of pretty dishes at a flea market.  I couldn’t buy them….I have no place to put them and these are decorative, not dishes for use.  Two sets, actually — a set with Oriental dragons and a purple set.  As I kept telling myself out loud in the flea market, I have children.  I can’t have nice things.  (Not yet.  Soon.)

I’m caught up pretty much on laundry.  That’s good.  I have to play with money over the next few days and get things paid properly, get the shopping done.


We’ve applied to a relatively local volunteer dog rescue organization to adopt a lovely dog named Charlie.  He’s a foxhound/staffordshire/mastiff mix.  He’s gorgeous, he’s already housetrained, and he gets along fantastically with cats.  These are all great things.  His foster mom works from home as well, and she says he doesn’t chew cords or things he’s not allowed to mess with.  Also fantastic.

I really, really, really wanted a Rottie or Rottie mix, but I couldn’t find any that fit my criteria.  (Cat problems)  And I can’t afford $500 for a puppy.  That’s with papers, without they were going for $200 — ARE YOU CRAZY?  Two hundred bucks for a puppy without papers?

If you are local to me (Chattanooga TN area) here is the link to the rescue organization — http://catoosacitizensforanimalcare.org/  And here is a link to Charlie — https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/28347449  He is adorable.

Got a set of Sennheiser cordless headphones.  Not REALLY fond of them, but they’ll do.  I guess I just have to get used to them.  They’re lighter and weirder than the old set.

So anyway my darlings, I am going to leave this here for this evening –




Okay, one half post later

I changed my mind about what I was going to write.

I was not able to avoid the generosity.  I have a new desk that The Husband is supposed to put together for me this weekend.

No bet on how long the box is leaning up against the wall.  Really.

It’s a nice desk, it’s this one — http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/475958/Realspace-Magellan-Collection-L-Shaped-Desk/ — and I’m looking very forward to having it put together — more room, for one thing.  Room enough to take notes on work and have my coffee cup and put away the mountain of notebooks and filler paper and school supplies and legal pads.  (SHUT UP I LOVE LEGAL PADS OKAY)  And a new printer.

The husband is griping about his vacation being just about over.  I am, too.

Anyway, bookmarker left.  Back to your regular scheduled programming hopefully…..Sunday.  Please dear Lord on my new desk.



Not going to talk about 9/11 or Benghazi.  Everyone else on the internet is, and it’s a little trite and cliche for me to do so as well.  I do honor them, and may those who still grieve be comforted.

I really don’t like just dropping in to do bookmarker posts — that’s what these sort of are right now — but it is pretty necessary.  So let’s see.  Yesterday consisted of a great deal of sitting around.  Yay.  Today the in-laws are going to want to do something touristy while the kids are in school and then this evening is a football game which if I’m lucky I’ll get to skip and make dinner.  I’d rather make dinner than sit in the rain.

We’re dogsitting an ancient lapdog because the motel wouldn’t let them keep her in a first floor room.  WTF?  You’d think they’d realize that letting people keep their pets on the first floor is much easier — no accidents on the stairs — but whatever.  My cat is confused at this development.  She’s been cool, just hiding, and when the lapdog is not in the same room she is, she’s been all over The Husband or me.

I also get to try to find a way of getting out of having my in-laws buy us things.  My pride, I have it.  Though I did suggest one thing yesterday, but I didn’t know it would be as much as it was with installation.  (Storage sheds don’t come with flooring?  Or shingles?  WTF, people?)  Also beating my father-in-law to the check at dinner.  That’s a fun game.

Next week I’ve got to get a new set of headphones and get back to work.  I may try and slide one more week of just writing in, but I doubt it.  Boo.


So I have two connected short stories that I am thinking about posting as Amazon shorts and selling for 99 cents, and also writing some more in the series.  I don’t know for sure if I will or won’t, as I have no cover art or anything and I don’t like using stock photos.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on right now.  I’m…..betwixt and between is the best I can say, fighting off a headache and trying to find the damn smile I had glued to my face yesterday — I like my in-laws, I do, but I was TIRED yesterday.  I was in bed before 9 p.m., even.




Um, yeah, I thought yesterday was going to be like that….


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Okay I’m pretty sick of cleaning now.

(<—- not your housekeeper, dear)

But there are actual fucking curtains in the windows.  We had to go to the store twice to make sure we had enough bloody curtains, but every window has an actual curtain covering.  The office looks MUCH better.  The living room, hallway, look good.  My bedroom is still a bit of a wreck.  I spent close to two hours on the kitchen alone — unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, clean off one counter, wash it, clean off the next piece of counter, wash that….and then I even mopped.  Then sorting through clean laundry while watching an episode of The First 48 On Demand.  Once the children go to school, all that’s left is the last minute crap — picking up the mail that collects on the TV stand, vacuuming, that sort of thing.

Gah.  I’d rather be writing.

So far the best thing that’s happened due to the IMMINENT ARRIVAL OF THE INLAWS is I got a new Brewstation coffee maker.  The kind that you push your cup against the lever and it pours for you, keeps the coffee warm without scorching it.  Coffee after about two hours needs dumped anyway (the oil slick on top after adding my cream is still there) but it’s programmable.  So I was able to get up, scrabble a cup from the cupboard, and pour that elixir of life as soon as I dragged myself up out of bed.

I’ve heard good things about the Keurig and its like, but those little cups just — no.  They’re taking over my coffee aisle.  I do not approve.

I can’t wait to get a new desk in a few weeks.  I’m about done with this card table.  And after Christmas, I’m definitely going to decorate this room.  Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, writing posters…..and Red Wombat Studios.  I adore her work.  The Pen Priest will adorn directly to the left of my computer monitor, man.  Also, this:  http://www.redwombatstudio.com/product/the-old-battleaxe/  if you can look at that and read the description and NOT want that, are you sure you need to be hanging out here?

Anyway, I guess I will see everyone tomorrow.  There was no word count yesterday, and there is likely to be no word count again until sometime this weekend AT BEST and more likely next week.  I have to get a new set of headphones before I can go back to work, too.  I’m sitting here looking at the set the husband broke.  Dammit.

All my love, dears, and sweet Mary Theotokos, Pray For Me,


Really, my darlings, I’m only making an apPEERance, as it were.


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Got about 3K words out yesterday.  We’re in a good place, I think.  Interesting stuff going on.  Ritualistic stuff — maybe the word ritual is too strong.  Tradition.  Traditions and oaths and blessings, oh my.

When I got up this morning, The King in Yellow came to mind, and I’m not sure why — I haven’t read Chambers or Lovecraft in a while.  But still, climbing out of bed, he showed up in my head, stalking about.  Very interesting.  The King in Yellow.

If I were to write the King in Yellow, his costume would resemble the French Court dress of the early 1700s, his countenance hidden by shadow, perhaps the faintest image of a yellow veil….most everyone writes his usual rags and robes as being moldy.  I would say more…

“A dim aroma of decay, even that of the grave, followed the strange man, though one could see no reason for it.  Even his shoes seemed inexplicably clean for having been walking in the wood after the storm.”

When it comes to avatars of The Old Ones, I much prefer the Black Pharaoh.  Nyarlathotep seems more interesting to me.  I don’t know why, never have.

Anyway.  Busy day today, if any writing gets done at all it will be late.  I’ll probably still be able to post in the mornings, I don’t think the In-Laws will be here this early.  Especially tomorrow morning.

Much Love,


thoughts on Radio Silence


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So obviously if you’ve been around since the novel debuted, you know that I kind of went underground for close on to two years.  A couple of sporadic posts here and there with the BEST of intentions, but really it was crickets.

I know that I was trying to work on the steampunk book at the beginning of that.  I was going to write this other thing with my friend and get right back to Erik and Sara.

The steampunk book dried up at some point, and I’m still not sure why.  It’s still a good idea, it’s still a good story, it’s still got potential….but I can’t breathe any life into it at this point.  I’ve sent it to the Steek and to HG, I’m hoping one of them can point to a certain place and say, “This is where you messed up.  Go back here and take a right turn at Albuquerque and I think you’ll be fine.”

I can blame my friend for being sporadic himself, but that’s not fair.  I’m pretty sure I knew enough about his setting, I’m pretty sure I could have faked it through the zero draft, anyway.  I can blame my circumstances and my crazy pants life, but again, not fair.  I was living the same life when I wrote Seraphim.

I wasn’t writing.  I wasn’t writing anything worth reading, anyway.  A little fanfic here and there.  That’s it.  And I wasn’t posting it.  I just really wasn’t writing.  I’d feel bad and try to work on the sequel, get nowhere, get upset, forget about it for another month.  Try to work on the steampunk, same thing.

At the same time, this is the time when I came up with the actual character of Raven.  I was toying with the idea of a book about Weyland Smith, either as a paranormal Western or steampunkery.  I played around with my fantasy world somewhat, though never to extremes.  So it’s not that I wasn’t having ideas, my ideas were still coming, it’s just that I wasn’t writing.

I’m really not sure why.  I don’t believe in writer’s block.  I believe a writer has bad days.  I believe a writer has days where getting any sort of word or page count is insanely hard, and you may have to rewrite whatever you get on those days.  But the important thing is to write, to get words on page or words on screen.

I know I wasn’t posting here because I was ashamed of the fact that I wasn’t writing.  I didn’t hit Twitter on the author feed because I was ashamed of that.  I’m still having issues really utilizing Twitter on the author feed, because I don’t want to spam and yet I want to promote myself.  It’s a hard balance.

Now I started over, I started trying on Sara and Erik again and Raven and Mary dropkicked me.  I’m probably halfway through the zero draft.  (Over 40,000 words at this point.)  I wanted to get the sequel done before Christmas, and I might just yet — at least the zero draft.  I wonder if Mary and Raven are just priming the pump — Raven and Erik do share similar qualities.  I’m scared to death because I haven’t had words run through me like this in forever and ever.  I don’t want Radio Silence to fall again, and I’m terrified that it might.

Absolutely terrified.




Sunday morning (More of a personal post today)


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Well, I think @GailCarriger got what I meant yesterday.  My God I love Twitter.  I love Twitter SO MUCH.  I follow so many authors on both my feeds — I have a personal feed, and that’s where I tweeted at Ms. Carriger.  I love her work so much, and she is so pleasant.  She writes ACTUAL STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONISTS.  Miss Tarabotti is fantastic, and I am looking so very, very forward to Prudence.  And darlings, my ever-gilded lilac blossoms, if you haven’t made the acquaintance of the most well-dressed vampire in all the Empire, you simply must.  Lord Akeldama is divine. Oh look there’s a link to where you can buy her books —–> http://amzn.to/1q1QCv4

Anyway…..(brb need coffee refill)

Yesterday was College Football Saturday plus Doctor Who, so there was very little writing done.  About a page, give or take.  Georgia did not play in The Cupcake Weekend, but there were a few good games — please excuse me for a moment –

*victory dance We Beat Michigan, We Beat Michigan, Shutout, Shutout*

Sorry about that.  (Not Really)

Today is a very busy day — church in two hours, then I have to go shopping.  Tomorrow is The Princess’s birthday (somehow I had my children exactly six years and six days apart.  Do not ask me how.  If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans) and I have to get her pressie and the stuff for a small birthday party.  Yeehaw.

Monday The Husband goes to the dentist — I’m hoping beyond hope we’re out of there in time to pick up the Princess.  Wednesday, The In-Laws arrive for three days.  I am not losing my mind cleaning.  Am I cleaning?  Yes.  Will it be nice?  Yes.  But dammit, I’m 37 years old and I’ve been married to their son for 14 years on Wednesday, in fact.  I am too old to worry about what they think of my housekeeping skills.  (Sub-par, at best.  I’m woman enough to admit it.)

Besides, we just moved.  (Two months ago and my office is still a mess.)  But everything else is pretty much in order!  (Because the mess is in the office.)

So I’m hoping the word count/page count doesn’t drop away completely, but it’s really not looking good.  And then the week after, I really should go back to work.  That’s going to be hard to do, though.  And I am really getting back on the sequel for a bit after zero draft is done, so I can get away from Raven and Mary for a bit, freshen my head before I redraft.

Anyway, I have to go now.  Got to get the Princess off my tablet and get her dressed for church.  Yeehaw.

Have a wonderful day, everyone.





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